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Friday, July 21, 2017

blogging ideas

How to get blogging ideas that matters

The internet has become a fishing pot for bloggers. A lot of people are into blogging. What is blogging Blogging is an act of writing down of ideas and concept the form of journal. And latter, it is posted on the internet.you can venture into blogging with this two platforms, Blogger and word press. 
Blogger is a free blogger platform, where you can write and edit your free post. while word press has two form self hosted and free platform. You can choose between the two. But I will outline which one is the best for business purpose. Many bloggers today went into blogging today without understanding the basic blogging concept. Below are the three types of blogging: •I2I(Individual to Individual blogging) •I2B(Individual to business blogging) •B2B(Business to business blogging)

Types of blogging

1. I2I:This is a type of blogging carried out by Individual. You can write series of post, just to impress friends and family. This type of blogging usually dont produce anything substaintial. Blogger platform is used in this type of blogging, because it is easy to use.
2. I2B:This type of blogging is what I call affliate or information marketing blogging. A few people are pro in this form of blogging. This type of blog is business oriented. Individuals target a hungry market and provide solution to them. In Return, profit is make. Blogger or wordpress is used to create this type of Blog. Bloggers like, Linda ikeji, Ogbonge blog, Infoguide, are types of blog that is making money from their Blog.
3. B2B:This is a first class blogging type.Giant companies , entreprenures, pro bloggers, uses this form of blogging to attract sale and build sales funnel lead, through email marketing.


New bloggers, find it Very difficult to get and idea of what they will write about on their Blog. Before starting up a Blog,you have to get this two things done. 1. Identifying your niche 2. Filtering out topics from your niche. Various Niche you can go into:
  1. Technology
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Food and Recipe
  5. Grocery
  6. Building materials
  7. Real estate
  8. Language
  9. sports
And many more....
This are just few niche,that you can venture into;

The popular niche are Tech, business, and entertainment. etc But the rest are still yet untapped niche you can venture into and grow a large readership. Now that you have identified which niche you can go into, next is to filter out things you can find in those niche.Example: Let say you choose the technology niche.

In technology: you can write about phones;new phones, how to fix, specifications, where to buy, each.

I have already generated some topics for you. The secret to Blogging is to understand what your audience want and offer it to them. Take for example, you typed in google how to generate blogging ideas, and google refered you to my blog. It happend because I knew what my users are looking for Online. So I gave it to them........ Understanding your user content, will give you an idea on the inches. Nb: Packages a niche you know too well, because if not you will get overwhelmed.
Blogging is the next revolution of the 21st century. It has made a lot of people become financially. Get the idea,grow your traffic, then the Money comes. If this post was useful to you, please drop your comments.....

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