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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Win in business

10 things to do to win in business
How to win in any business? People ask all the time, how can I succeed in business. Business success, is all about doing differently what others are doing and getting it right. Winning in business, is about taking control of your vision and goal. You have to focus on your goal, day in and day out.
If you want to succeed in any business, follow this simple steps:
  1. You got to be bold in making decisions. Taking a bold step forward is all you need.
  2. SMARTNESS: Winning in business, requires you to be smart, be smart enough to create a working plan to grow your business. Outsmart your competitor, but dont kill the competition.
  3. HAPPINESS: If you have to win in business, you must be happy. One of my mentor said and I quote "Some people will stay happy for 2 to 3days, some 2 to 3 years, but a winner stays happy for 30 years and more"
  4. NEVER QUIT: It is said that winners never quit, and quitters never win. You got to be a die hard, if you must succeed in business. Develop this tenacity to move on no matter what happens and never give up. People who has reached the climax of success, was once a beginner like you. NB: Every adversity, brings with it a seed of an equvalent sucess.
  5. BE HUNGERED: Winning in business, requires you to be hungered. Hungry to have an outstanding business structure, build a lead and to become successful.
  6. SELL YOURSELF: For you to win in business, you have to sell yourself first before your business. Get yourself ready, build on your business skills, and setting aside things that are relevant.
  7. EXPECT FAILURE: If you are expecting to get it all smoothly, then you are wrong. You must experience failure, because it is the starting point of success. Do not allow your failure to break you. Keep moving forward, till you get there.
  8. FOLLOW GOD: Many people, has forgotten that God is the ultimate of life. Do not allow your business to be a barricade with your relationship with God. If you must win in business, God is hi hi gonna come first, your family is gonna come second, and your business is gonna come last.
  9. JUST DO IT: Stop making excuses and take a step. If you are still thinking whether or not to start a business, just do it. I tell you know, there will be more self made millionaires in Nigeria in 2020.
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