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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Interview with Wilfred Michael

Interview with Wilfred Michael,  a blogger,entrepreneur and an avid reader.

He shares with us his journey into the blogging world.

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Wilfred: I'm Wilfred Michael, a youth with sizeable interest in what goes on in the life of fellow young people.

How did you first get into blogging?

Wilfred: I started blogging 18 months ago, but had to learn almost everything through trial and error.
But it's really a good feeling to have setup something impressive for students and that joy alone trumps every effort I had put in to get here.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in Blogging? 

Wilfred: The desire to improve whatever I already have in place is what keeps me going.
Sometimes I would place a sleep ban on myself just to get   past something I find challenging on the blogger interface.

Wilfred: My team (The Innovative Team) has also provided unbelievable strength to me as we fight through thick and thin to keep the blog going.

How would you describe your blogging style? 
Wilfred Michael is a top educational blogger, he uses his experience to teach and direct students to a better life and good academic excellence. He blogs at Innovativefuture, spare time to visit his blog. 

Wilfred: I'm not really a stylish blogger.
I just keep it simple and concise.
Avoiding laxity and staying on the context.

How did you keep up with networking to provide better traffic? 

Wilfred: Linking out to other bloggers with similar content that I've published is one of the ways I get traffic to my blog.
Also, since it's a student blog, I try to build close connection with students who will be needing my blog contents.
Facebook is my largest traffic source.

How often do you post on your blog? 

Wilfred: With the help of the team, 5 posts are published weekly. With the exception of the news category which could pop up at any time/day of the week. 

What has been your motivating factor? 

Wilfred: I got exposed to the internet at an early age and as a student, I was always searching the internet for helpful content.
I got very few websites that was specific the challenges I was facing, so I promised myself that I'll build something to help students of this age.
So they don't get to miss what I missed.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently? 

Wilfred: As a part time blogger, I do most of my work at night.
That is also fitting as it is the time most students are online.
That way, they get to see my content.

Tell me about your proudest achievement? 

Wilfred: Most proud moment Is around the horizon, an essay writing competition which we are organizing for students.

Wilfred: It's going to represent a huge hit, as it has been on my radar since the start of the year. 

As a blogger how do you feel among your peers and what is their thought about you? 

Wilfred: The fact I'm doing something I love give me a lot of joy.
It's also a different path to what a greater number of my peers are pursuing.

Wilfred: The blogging adventure is a fascinating one. 

Who has the most impact on your blogging career? 

Wilfred: My parents.
They've been the most supportive even though sometimes they do not seem to understand what I do. 

Wilfred: They encourage me when I feel weak and putting broader smiles on their faces is very high on my wishlist. 

Apart from blogging do you have another business? 

Wilfred: Yea. Textile marketing

Is it your startup business?

Wilfred: Yea.

Where would you like to be in Blogging five years from now? 

Wilfred: That's a long period.
I'll be at the top of the pile.
Making Innovative Future a household name and the best educational blog in Nigeria.
I got a host of other goals to achieve in five years time. 

Have you ever made money blogging? 

Wilfred: Yes na
Wilfred: We run adverts for schools our blog which is also Adsense enabled.
Wilfred: Other monetization measures will be implemented soon. 

What is your advice for bloggers and upcomings? 

Wilfred: Money making should never be the top motive for venturing into blogging, or you'll give up along the way as it will take sometime to build a properly monetized blog.

Wilfred: Bloggers are a special set of people for me, so I would give loads of thumbs up to them.

Information is the power that every blogger should possess.


  1. So delighted to get featured on scopeng.
    What you've put together is really impressive.

    1. It is a pleasure interviewing a great mind like you. You have laid impact on students. Keep the good work.

  2. Nice one wilfred,God be with you my classmate.